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Transit Reports
Quality Freight Handling Reports

Automatic Shipment Delivery Notification
To receive Automatic Delivery Notification on any shipment via email, simply check the box on's shipment tracking page. You will receive an email indicating your shipment was delivered within seconds of when the driver updates the status on his mobile computer.

Real-time online tracking updates from pickup to delivery. Status updates include:

Online Shipment Reports
New Penn's Online Shipment Reports automatically provide you with timely updates of shipment status and freight charges. If you are a regular New Penn customer, your online report can be created through the New Penn Web-Site by selecting Shipment Reports. Multiple report formats provide the information and answers you need to improve your service to customers and co-workers. Report formats include:

Because shipment reports available at are updated in real-time using data from , you're always in direct contact with your shipment every step of the way.

Our comprehensive Online Tools at let you manage the entire shipping process, from entering pickups online to receiving automatic email delivery notification.

Electronic Data Interchange (EDI)
New Penn is completely EDI capable and has been a leader in the use of EDI to reduce costs and improve data accuracy. Listed below are additional details regarding New Penn's EDI capabilities.

EDI transaction sets New Penn currently supports:

Direct Van transmissions via...

We support Direct FTP Transmissions, Send and Receive from Partner's Server.

PC Shipment Rating Software
New Penn can provide to customers and payment agencies its PC Rating System. The software is accurate and easy to use. The system can be tailored to use the discount program for a particular customer. Individual shipments may be rated, or a PriceSheet may be created to provide a rate table for a specific origin and destination zip code combination. You may download the rating software from this web site or contact your New Penn account manager

Transit Reports
New Penn can provide inbound and outbound Transit Reports showing delivery performance. The detailed report lists all the shipments in a given time frame with the pickup and delivery dates of each. Summary reports indicate shipments, weight and revenue by state or New Penn terminal. The report indicates New Penn's on-time performance and the percentage of shipments delivered next-day.

Quality Freight Handling Reports
Our Quality Freight Handling Index (QFHI) measures delivery errors. Our Quality Freight Handling System is focused on the elimination of freight handling errors. By eliminating the errors, we eliminate the cargo claims and improve the quality of our service. A Quality Freight Handling Report can be generated for any New Penn account. The Quality Freight Handling Index is stated as a percentage of shipments delivered error-free. QFHI Reports may be requested from your New Penn account manager.