Information Services

Web Services and URL Queries

New Penn is a leader in not only transportation, but also the technology to enable you to quickly interface with our system.

The two types of interfaces that New Penn offers are web services and URL Queries.

You would use a web service in your programming to pull specific information from New Penn. A URL Query is used as a link within your web page to get to New Penn's web pages.

To learn more about this technology, just click on a link listed in the tables below. Use the PDF to get an overview of the specific web service or URL Query and use the web service WSDL with your programming development tools to automate some of the programming thus simplifying your implemenation of the web service.

Web Services
Shipment Tracking Instructions Shipment Tracking WSDL
Rate Quote Instructions Rate Quote WSDL
BOL/PU/Return Instructions BOL/PU/Return WSDL
Transit Days Instructions Transit Days WSDL
POD/BOL Images Instructions POD/BOL Images WSDL

URL Queries
Shipment Tracking URL Instructions

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