Every day New Penn employees go above and beyond for our customers – making sure deliveries arrive safely, on time and damage-free. Here’s what a few customers had to say…

We’d like to hear from you too. Share your stories about the New Penn team members who have made a positive impact!

Maureen Powell, Office Specialist

I have been doing business with New Penn since 2013, and Maureen is by far the best person I’ve worked with. She always keeps me informed and stays on top of my shipments. Thanks, Maureen! David Catalfamo  |  Mohawk Coffee

Kevin Frost, Driver

Kevin is our regular driver and is always pleasant, consistent and efficient. Kevin is very well liked here, and we’re grateful for his good work.  Jordan Weidman  |  New England Chimney Supply

Rhonda Dvorak, Customer Service

I do not have one special story, however, I sit near Rhonda’s desk.  Each day I overhear the constant buzz of customer calls in the background.  Everyone here does a great job.  But Rhonda is just so exceptionally nice and pleasant and helpful to our customers.  She is so consistently cheerful and thorough on every single call day after day.  I don’t know how she does it – she just never seems to have a bad moment or to become irritated or impatient!  If I was the customer, Rhonda is exactly the person I would want to answer my call. Jeanne Brudvig  |  New Penn

Jacob Kitson, Terminal Manager

Dicom and New Penn have been partners since June 2016. Jacob moved up the ranks in the BUF terminal and has been able to stabilize the operation there after the departure/retirement of long-time stalwarts Joe Tretter and Phil Krueger. He has been a pleasure to work with and truly understands the value of our partnership. He works long hours to support our business and is always accessible and easy to deal with for our team. Thanks Jake, for all you do for our partnership!  Murray Palmatier  |  Dicom Transportation Group (GLS Canada)

Kelly Hofner, Customer Service Specialist

Kelly has been a great help over the last couple of years, when she transitioned to assist in the crossborder clearance of New Penn’s freight into Canada. She has helped us smooth out previous clearance issues and is a valuable connection for us to your origin terminals. The customs clearance of your Canadian bound freight is critical to our ability to delivery to your customers, and Kelly is a big help here.  Murray Palmatier  |  Dicom Transportation Group (GLS Canada)

Mary Ann Brzezniak, OSD Department

Mary Ann has been one of our main contacts at New Penn Buffalo since our partnership began in June 2016. She has always been a pleasure to work with and works very well with our Customer Service Department. For a terminal that has undergone many changes over the last four years, she has been a reliable and steady resource for our team, as we exchange shipments into our respective networks. Her years of experience are especially helpful to our team and our partnership.  Murray Palmatier  |  Dicom Transportation Group (GLS Canada)

Betsy Bilski,

Betsy is the best. Whenever I need help with a shipment, Betsy and Michelle (my awesome sales representative) are the only people I email. They are such a great team and ALWAYS take care of my shipments. She is always friendly and knowledgeable about what I need.  Jessica Volchko  |  URI Compressors

Tracy Force, Customer Service Specialist

In my position as an Account Executive I need to rely on the support of my local terminal Customer Service Specialist in time of need when the customers need that extra follow up and assurance. There have been countless times when I have requested the help of Tracy Force in our Reading Terminal and she has always been able to resolve issues for the customer. She is very responsive and caring and that shines through every day. The customers are thankful and confident in her ability. I am proud of what she has done and continues to do for our customers. She is an excellent team player and I want her to be recognized for her hard work.  Michael Capuano  |  New Penn

Sean McKittrick, Terminal Manager

Sean always puts the needs of the company and others ahead of his own. As a terminal manager, he has taken an open door policy to the next level. No matter what position you may work at or if you are an outside vendor or customer, Sean listens to your concerns and gets you the tools you need to do your job.  James Hartman  |  New Penn

Jeff West, Driver

Jeff had received a text from his customer stating that they were very heavy on pick ups, needing an almost empty trailer. Jeff knew a volume driver was not too far off and had a larger trailer. Jeff came up with the idea of meeting and swapping trailers so the proper equipment would be in place to satisfy everyone.  James Hartman  |  New Penn

Steve Panagiotou, Terminal Manager

Steve is truly an asset to New Penn. Earlier this year we tasked him with a project that seemed insurmountable on surface, but Steve and his team knocked it out of the park. He is one of a kind and one of the best operators I have ever run across. My entire Engineered Solutions Project team wanted to make sure he was recognized. Most of my team is former Terminal Managers and Ops Managers and everyone came away very impressed by Steve and his team.  Rick Loerke  |  YRCW

Donna Youngs, Clerk

The whole team out of the Rochester terminal is wonderful to work with and very helpful. I have worked with Donna for over 9 years and her customer service is exceptional through sun, rain, snow, last minute pickups, and even cancellations! Anytime I may have a question regarding time definite, packaging, hazardous materials, I can call or email her at anytime Donna is very knowledgeable always willing to be of any assistance. Thank you Donna! I really appreciate all you do!  Maria Ryan   |  Solsource Logistics

Steve Thomas, Terminal Manager

Steve brings a positive attitude and a strong understanding of our business needs. Integrity, accountability, and a work ethic like Steve’s keep us very happy to continue doing business with New Penn. Steve is a genuine person that backs up his words with actions. We appreciate all that he does!  Cheryl Walge  |  Ritchey Metals

Frank Timmerman, Account Executive

Frank has been more then helpful whenever I need him to be. He really does go the extra mile for me and does a great job at resolving my issues. He is the best!  Andrea Williams  |  Loop LOC

Chris Campbell, Driver

Chris has served us for a very long time. He has always done an exceptional job.  Dan Miller  |  Construction Specialties

Jenelle Rohland, Supervisor-Operations

Jenelle has always done an exceptional job!  Dan Miller  |  Construction Specialties

Roberta Abode, Clerk

Roberta goes above and beyond for our company in many ways. She is always on top of any issue that arises and gets it taken care of in a timely fashion. When we have hot freight she tracks it and makes sure it is delivered in a timely fashion to our facility. We know we can always count on her to get any issue solved for our company. We appreciate all she does for our company. Sheila Kuhn, Boscovs Dept Store I’ve had the pleasure of working with Roberta for the last year and she has become like an extension of my own team. She is exceptionally hard working and always goes above and beyond whether it be helping our vendors or helping us with requests for our buyers. Roberta is the absolute best! Molly Lombardo, Boscovs  Sheila Kuhn  |  Boscovs Dept Store

Will Munn, Account Executive

We had a delivery coming to us, of course we needed it yesterday. Will was able to fast track the equipment, and we received it first thing in the morning. It was first off the truck. Great customer service!  Tina Herrick  |  Whole Life Pet Products

Lisa Walker, Clerk

Lisa is a great help all the time. She gets the job done. Frank Dominick |  Active Radiator

George Coffey, Driver

George exemplifies professionalism and excellent customer service-goes above and beyond!  Tina Herrick  |  Whole Life Pet Products

Mike Capuano, Account Executive

I have known Mike for almost 10 years now, and was thrilled beyond belief when he came to New Penn. He is a great rep – checks in on you to see how things are going or to talk about new services, takes care of problems right away, and is just a stellar representative. He makes me feel like we have a great partnership between our companies, which is what we both need to be successful. If all of your reps were like Mike, you would be untouchable. Thanks!  Sue Schoellkopf  |  Stainless Plate Products

Tim Little, City Driver

Saturday, I stopped by the north east Philadelphia location to give money to city driver Tim Little’s daughter’s girls scout troop. They had collected money for cookies to send to the military. He had been collecting all week and donated 50 boxes to Philadelphia native military members and another 56 boxes on behalf of his daughter’s troop in New Jersey. Great way to represent New Penn in the community!  James Hartman  |  New Penn