Imagine a train hurtling toward you, but you aren’t able to get out of the way. Citizens of Puerto Rico experienced something similar when Hurricane Maria blasted across their island with gale force winds, devastating their island, bringing mass flooding and destruction.

When the storm had finally passed, families emerged from whatever shelter they had found. They saw their homes and their island in shambles. In the short term, they had to deal with the lack of basic necessities, including electricity and clean water. Food and fuel were scarce, and getting either was nearly impossible since most roads were blocked by downed trees, electric lines, flooding and storm debris.

They wondered what it would take to rebuild, and who could help them restore their homes, and how long it would take before their lives would return to something even close to normal.

New Penn Employees Bond Together in Puerto Rico

As the damage became more clear and power outages persisted, Pedro Torres, New Penn Terminal Manager in Puerto Rico, worked to help and identify the most desperately needed items for his team.

“We didn’t have much, but we all helped where we could” said Pedro.

Pedro spoke with New Penn headquarters and shared the needs of his team. New Penn bonded together to ship as many of the prioritized essentials they could in the near term. Essentials such as electric generators, extension cords, water and fuel cans were gathered for our employees and shipped to Puerto Rico.

New Penn Puerto Rico Terminal

Rebuilding shattered homes, businesses and livelihoods won’t be easy. Most communities are very closely knit, especially those in rural and remote areas hit hardest by the hurricanes. Neighbors help neighbors. New Penn families both inside and outside Puerto Rico are working together to help grow the recovery process.

Rebuilding the Island of Puerto Rico

Restoring a sense of normalcy to island life will require an enormous influx of equipment and supplies. As roads are cleared, New Penn employees are prepared to play a key role providing supplies for the island’s rebuilding efforts.

We are eager and honored to be a part of the rebuilding efforts in Puerto Rico. We have been committed to providing service to and from Puerto Rico for over the past 20 years. For more information, we welcome you to visit our Puerto Rico shipping services page.

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