The New Penn Maintenance Team focuses on providing our drivers with the Safest and most Reliable equipment on the road.

Our fleet consists of over 3,000 Tractors, Trailers and Forklifts maintained throughout our network of 24 terminals and 12 shop locations. Focusing on Continuous Improvement, we strive to maintain our fleet at the highest levels of quality in the most efficient and cost-effective manner possible.

Our team-oriented environment focuses on maintaining diesel engines, forklifts and trailers by performing diagnostics, troubleshooting, preventative and predictive maintenance, fabricating, welding and material handling. As a New Penn mechanic, our goal is to reduce equipment downtime, facilitate DOT, CSA and PM Program compliance. We work to increase the safety and reliability of our equipment. Our mechanics have industry-leading training.

If you’re qualified to troubleshoot, repair, and perform preventative maintenance on fleet equipment, and enjoy working in a team-oriented environment which gives you an active voice in departmental program development, then New Penn may be just the place you’ve been looking for!

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