We are proud of our professional team and our positive work environment. An environment that is flexible enough for you to enjoy quality time with family and friends, as well as build a truly satisfying career.

I chose New Penn over another job offer because I preferred the management, company environment, and growth potential described to me during the interview process — and it was a great decision. I’ve found professional, highly skilled managers, collaborative and helpful colleagues, and a very positive working environment.  – 5 Star New Penn Employer Review from Indeed.com

My position is both challenging and enjoyable. This company has invested substantial resources in providing me opportunities to gain new skills. New Penn is also continually evaluating and working toward improvements. Although most companies have these goals on paper, I see action here.  – 5 Star New Penn Employer Review from Indeed.com

No job is completely perfect, but I couldn’t imagine being at a better company at this point in my life. I feel like I’m a valued part of a team with an important mission. I would recommend New Penn to any professional who likes a challenge, wants to grow, and values the integrity and choices of the management they work for.  -5 Star New Penn Employer Review from Indeed.com

A company totally dedicated to service their customers with prompt pick-up and delivery times. They make the drivers and other labor people feel they have a stake in the overall advancement of the corporation.  -5 Star New Penn Employer Review from Indeed.com

The best things about working for New Penn, is the company loyalty to their customers, and employees. This isn’t just a job to work, but a family in most ways. I enjoy the people I work with, and the customers I help on a daily basis. I get up in the morning happy to go to work.  -5 Star New Penn Employer Review from Glassdoor.com

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