When Cold Weather Meets Freeze Protection Service…Your Products’ Integrity Remains Intact With New Penn.

Keep your supply chain moving regardless of weather conditions.

Reliable Freeze Protection services maintain shipment temperatures at or above 32° Fahrenheit, protecting your temperature-sensitive freight.


  • Our computerized dispatch system identifies shippers of freezable products, so we can begin planning for the shipment as soon as you call to place a pickup request
  • New Penn’s next-day capabilities reduce the exposure of freight to cold temperatures while in transit
  • Warm rooms are available for freight not immediately delivered
  • Service to all direct points within our extensive service area

Freeze Protection Made Easy

Superior service with simple shipping instructions.

To schedule a shipment simply:

  • Prominently write “Protect From Freezing” on your bill of lading
  • When calling for pickup, identify freezable shipments and their destinations
  • Tender Freeze Protection shipments Monday-Friday

Schedule a shipment using New Penn Freeze Protection Service by calling 1.800.285.5000 

With New Penn, keep your supply chain moving regardless of weather conditions. We make next-day happen!

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