With our comprehensive safety and compliance systems, New Penn can manage and monitor your hazardous shipments.

We understand the critical requirements for the safe handling of chemicals and hazardous materials. That’s why New Penn regularly invests in safety training, information technology and modern equipment related to HazMat shipping.

So whether you’re shipping adhesives, cleaning compounds, paints, pesticides, resins or other chemicals, or potentially hazardous materials, New Penn takes pride in providing professional handling and superior service, including:

  1. Onboard computers
  2. Real-time shipment status updates
  3. Insulated trailers with externally mounted propane heaters for freezable shipments
  4. Around-the-clock emergency response

Need professional assistance with chemical or HazMat shipping? Customers rely on New Penn. We Make Next-Day Happen.

Contact our customer service professionals at 1.800.285.5000.